This is an ongoing campaign that began 2 years ago. The party has successfully uncovered the Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh, destroying a pirate group operating there. Then they traveled north and freed a Fallen Angel that had been imprisoned by an Ogre tribe. Delving into the mountains and joining with two adventurers that they met along the way, they discovered, escaped and looted the Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth.

Along the way uncovering clues of a greater evil rising and doing battle with the mysterious Council of Wrath. All of this cumulative in a struggle Against the Giants and a Descent into the Depths of the Earth to the homeland of the dark elves in the Vault of the Drow. The strings of manipulation of the forces attacking Greyhawk all seem to stem from the this point deep beneath the surface and then into the forbidding reaches of the Abyss. The architect of these eldritch plots none other than Queen of the Spiders, the goddess Loth herself. The party met and battled Loth in her home plane and escaped victorious.

The party had been unwittingly serving the agenda of the elven Gods in these endeavors and were rewarded for their months of hardship with a wish each. Haight, became the Paragon of the elven goddess of War Vandria Gilmadrith. Sunan the earth bending monk gained further talent to use against the dark powers. Sketelya gained the ability to understand and speak all the languages of humanoids. Asbjorn was able to have the curse, that had been placed on him by a shaman in the north, lifted from him. Eilalimus was gifted the ability to enchant his arrows to better hunt the Council of Wrath that ordered the destruction of his people. And Lok, asked to be able to find the Council and aid his friend to bring about its downfall.


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